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Chiropractic Care

Take a step towards wellness and get under general chiropractic care. Initial visits start at $140 for the introductory 45 minute appointment where we go over your cheif complaints, health and chiropractic history, a physical exam including posture and gait analysis, and a free adjustment on the first day. Additional 15 minute appointments are just $50/visit.

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Chiropractic for Kids

Did you know that the first spinal misalignment can happen at birth? Request an initial pediatric chiropractic evaluation where we will go through your child's health history, evaluate their spine, and administer a gentle chiropractic adjustment for only $75. Each additional appointment is just $30/visit to keep your child's spine aligned and to ensure they have a superiorly functional nervous system.

*Age 0-18 yrs 

Dr. Wilder is also a supplier of China Gel, Formula 303, and other holistic products. Inquire for more details!

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