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Chiropractic care was first founded by D.D. Palmer in 1895. While working in Davenport, Iowa, as a magnetic healer, Palmer became fascinated by the skeletal system, proclaiming that alignment of the spinal vertebrae could have a direct influence in the body's ability to fight off and heal disease. His first patient was a man by the name of Harvey Lillard who worked as a janitor in the building that Palmer worked out of. Lillard had experienced a significant reduction in hearing over the past 17 years, initialing occurring after hearing a "pop" in his back. Upon inspection and palpation of Lillard's back (thoracic spine), Palmer found that the fourth thoracic bone (T4) was protruding, tender, and had notable discoloration with palpation. With multiple attempts of magnetic healing and no results, Palmer became impatient and struck the spot with his hand which pushed it back in place. This very first chiropractic adjustment made a very similar "pop" and within a few days, Harvey Lillard had regained almost 100% of his hearing. D.D. Palmer continued with his exploration and education of the spine and passed on the fascination to his son, B.J. Palmer, who developed Chiropractic into the practice that it is today.


Through visual inspection of posture and gait, static, muscle, and motion palpation, and many other forms of analysis, specific adjustments are made to the spine and joints aligning the bones and allowing the nervous system to flow unimpeded to let the body thrive at 100%.

Applied Kinesiology

Developed by George J. Goodheart, Applied Kinesiology (AK) uses muscle testing to analyze the body for a balance of structural, chemical, and mental/emotional elements, or the Triad of Health. Traditional chiropractic adjustments, dietary change and/or nutritional supplementation, and neuroemotional technique (NET) are used to address imbalance in the Triad. The combination of these elements of healing help to find the underlying cause of health problems.

Webster Technique

The Webster technique was developed by Dr. Larry Webster in response to his daughter giving birth. Being a chiropractor and knowing the significance of spinal alignment, he felt that pregnancy, labor, and delivery could be significantly impacted with a more specific approach to pelvic alignment. He developed a technique for specific sacral analysis with a diversified adjustment to reduce the effects of sacral subluxation and SI joint dysfunction. Further development of the protocol involves calling attention to the psoas muscles that lay directly behind the uterus and to the round ligaments that hold and support the uterus. With alignment of the pelvis and relaxation of the uterus, the baby has a more hospitable environment and, in many cases, is able to move into the preferred Vertex position that is optimal for delivery. Chiropractic care and the Webster Technique have given millions of women relief from the unpleasant symptoms of pregnancy including nausea, heart burn, and back pain, and result in an overall safer, easier delivery.




"Dr. Lindsey is great with pregnancy and children. She really helped me with my hip and neck pain while I was pregnant and I brought my newborn baby boy to see her as soon as I could to make sure he was aligned and starting life out subluxation free!"

Melissa T.

"I have been getting adjusted for years because of my low back pain, but ever since I started seeing Dr. Lindsey, my constant pain has gone from an every day hassle to almost non-existent! I owe her my sanity!

Jack B.

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